Jang Newspaper 14 August 2016 Sunday Jobs Ads

Jang Newspaper 14 August 2016 Sunday Jobs Ads. The Daily Jang (Urdu: روزنامہ جنگ‎) is an Urdu newspaper based in Pakistan. It is the oldest newspaper of Pakistan in continuous publication since its foundation in 1939. Its current Group Chief Executive & Editor-in-Chief is Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Daily Jang is being published from Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Quettta and Landon. It is the only sound Pakistan newspaper which is also published form outside the country; Landon. Jang has the largest circulation in Pakistan.

Jang Newspaper 14 August 2016 Sunday Jobs Ads

It is the first newspaper which used computerized Urud calligraphy in Pakistan. This has a large impact on Urdu journalism. Other newspapers influenced by its popularity, aslo began to use computer. For the strict economy of space, Jang puts more and more headlines on the front page. Their text is carried to the inner pages. This style is being adopted by all newspapers of the country. Its photo coverage of local, national and international events is remarkable and praise worthy.

Considering is large criculation, it has shown tremendous growth and is financially strong and pays better wages to its large editorial staff. Jang is the first newspaper which introduced a weekly magazine on Fridays and now all national dailies publish weekly magazines of Fridays. It goes to the credit of jang that newspapers took their roots in the low class pepole. Jang is also the first to produce sparate coloured editins consisting of articles on youth, women, children and political affairs.

Jang Newspaper 14 August 2016 Sunday Jobs Ads

There are many jobs in Sunday Jang newspaper, So Jobs seeker search jobs in this newspaper every Sunday. Many people find jobs ads in Jang Sunday newspaper. So here we are providing newspaper published jobs advertisement. There are difference post of jobs, you can see your qualification jobs and apply for jobs for your bright future.

Sunday Jobs Advertisements:

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.1

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.2

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.3

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.4

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.5

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.6

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.7

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.8

Jang Jobs Ads Page No.9

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